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How to Make Sure Your Computer Isn't Hijacked

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Cybercrime is becoming more and more prevalent as an ever-increasing number of people become connected to the internet. It's certainly a big, bad world out there and you have to exercise a certain amount of caution whenever you log on. If you become a victim of malware, viruses or other attacks, how can you protect yourself in such a situation?


You should always be cautious and never trust any website at face value, especially if it is unfamiliar. A certain amount of common sense will go a long way here. In particular, never open any attachments to an email unless you know exactly where it came from. Many attachments contain malware or a Trojan virus that can forcibly install unwanted software onto your computer without your knowledge.


Always double check the URL of the web page that you're on. Criminals often replicate the appearance of very well-known and trusted websites in an attempt to get you to download something nasty from them or steal your information. These days, most trustworthy websites will invest in an SSL certificate and this means that all information sent to and from that website will be encrypted and very difficult to access by a sketchy third party. Look for the HTTPS identification at the start of the web address.


Make sure that you have a very good antivirus solution. A number of excellent products are on the market, and while most of them cost some money, it's a good investment when you consider that you get a year of updated protection. The companies that provide the solutions have a full-time staff of very intelligent engineers who are constantly on the lookout for new threats and pushing updates through to your local machine.


You may also want to consider scanning your system on a monthly basis to check for any unwanted malware. You can find both free and paid software solutions online to help you here, but don't forget to use it regularly as you will be surprised how easy it is to collect unwanted junk on your system.

How to Get Out Of Trouble

In short, you cannot have too many layers of protection between you and the rest of the internet world. If you still find that you've been attacked and that some kind of virus or malware solution is now in control of your computer, then you should take it into a computer repair specialist to help rectify the situation.